Nathalie Baert, Klaus Brennsteiner (B)

28 April-1 May
Ride the Rhythm.”

On the House, featuring Marshall Jefferson, Trax Records,1986

In this creation we will study the energy exchange between a contemporary dancer and a drummer. We are interested in both, being inspired and being an inspiration towards the other one. How can the sound of a drum influence a  whole body or does it need a steady rhythm to make that body move? We’re  researching on rhythm which is the primary link between sound and motion.

The first impulse this time is not the movement, but the music. When it comes to music, what comes to me, as a dancer, are the syncopations between the drums and the bass. To get loose I need to be exposed to this musical  dialogue very intensively and intimately. I try to make my body become the music. I’m interested in how far I will follow the lead of the music, will I directly create a story for myself or will it be open and only movement coming out? Both of(us are interested in making someone move. As a drummer if I see a person move to my beats there is immediately a connection created and a form of energy exchange started. Will it be only the dancer that moves her body or will other people be influenced by it as well?

To both of us, questions of timing are equally important. For the dancer, during the dance as instantaneous translation of sound into motion, or as exhaustive and exhausting workout, structured by a balance of stretches of  time given to exertion versus relaxation.As the music isn’t set, we are interested in the relations we create towards each other, the music and the audience.

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