Martha Canning, Daisy Cauty (UK)

15-17 April
Brå is an emerging dance company formed by female duo Martha Canning and Daisy Cauty.
We started creating a new dance piece for stage, inspired by the life of Lucia Joyce, dancer, artist and daughter of writer James Joyce. An opportunity to develop our work into a short film arose and we were supported by Random Acts, Chanel 4, to produce a three minute dance film. The film ‘One Diving, One Falling’ was a strong collaboration between, dance, costume, sound design and videography.
We would now like to develop our processes even further to develop a duet for live performance, and this residency would allow us the time and space to progress our work from film to stage.
We are in the process of exploring how Lucia’s story can unfold within our artistic choices, as her life has substance and history that will enrich the context of our work.
Lucia’s creativity was on the fine line between genius and madness and she was institutionalised from the age of 28 to her death 47 years later.
We want to address the themes of Lucia’s life through our emotional response as creative women. There is grit and meaning to what we want to make. This is new, exciting territory of a woman’s struggles, with her wildness allowing freedom in our work.

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