Guido Sarli, Fernando Troya, Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Manuel Ronda, Elisa Zuppini

3-23 Luglio 2016

OpenFLR is an intensive dance lab in which internationally acclaimed choreographers work with recent graduates and professional dancers.

OpenFLR provides the space for each choreographer to experiment and investigate their practice. By working with the dancers five hours a day, they create a work in progress to be presented at the end of the lab. This will be a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to experience and dive in a choreographic process, to learn new material, to be creative and collaborate with established choreographers. A brief but unique professional experience!

OPENFLR aims to create an exchange platform between young and experienced dancers, between choreographers and young professionals from different backgrounds, to broaden and deepen curiosity into dance and to enrich personal knowledge with new experiences.

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